Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1 Week Left

1 week left and 44 to go

At 8 am this morning I had to take a math midterm exam. My boyfriend and I woke up together so we could go; I spent time with him last night studying, so he doesn't fail the class, so when he gets back from Iraq he can return to Drexel. My boyfriend felt that he would fail the exam so why should he take the exam. I felt upset but said if thats how you feel I really can't stop you.

The worst part about it all is that halfway through my exam I realize that tomorrow is our 6 month anniversary and that within the next week he has to move out of Drexel and move down to North Carolina for his 3 month pre-deployment training. He gets activated next friday. I feel like I'm falling apart. I don't want to think that I have a few weeks left and finals when I can't spend as much time with him as I possibly can.

I am very excited for tomorrow though and this weekend. I decided to throw my boyfriend a huge going away party. The party is going to have about 25 people there and it should be so much fun. He and I are also going to go down to his beach house for the Memorial Day weekend.

*remember I myself am a Marine Girlfriend, I respect all Marines, Army and Navy. I respect that all these young men and women are fighting in countries so I can live safely. I do not wish to offend anyone!*

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Do...?

Welcome to the Family, Now your One of Us!

The biggest step in two peoples lives is to say the first and hopefully last I do. This past weekend I spent time with my marines family because I couldn't go home to my own. I found it so comforting to be around his family that seems to be close to perfect while mine is falling apart. It was also a treat to bond with his twin. I've always felt that if he and I did get serious, I would have to become close with her just because they are the only two people in the family who are blood related. (the entire family is adopted). That is probably why I feel so comfortable around his family. From the first second I met his parents I wanted to become part of his family. Well this weekend I semi got my wish. My marine's twin asked me what I was going to do considering her brother is leaving for Iraq in the fall. I was honest and explained that I was going to wait it out. She then says with a huge smile on her face that I am part of the family the newest Z***a. I stood here amazed because I thought she hated my guts. The other interesting part about his twin is she's been engaged TWICE! She's only 21 and has been engaged to two different men and at this point in time is single. So after this comment she goes on to ask whether or not he's proposed. I look at her with a confused smile. Of course I would love my marine to propose and say he wants to be with me forever, but it seems that it may not happen just because of who he is. He's not one to settle down, sadly. I feel that when he gets back from Iraq, he might have a different view of things being 22 at that point and all, but then again maybe not at all.... He might want to go back.... which is what would scare me even more... Photobucket SEMPRE FI *remember I myself am a Marine Girlfriend, I respect all Marines, Army and Navy. I respect that all these young men and women are fighting in countries so I can live safely. I do not wish to offend anyone!*

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Keep Racking My Brain for a REASON

Why did he choose to pick up his life again and throw all that he has down the drain? I love him more then anything but why does he have to me hurt so that he can be the hero? I understand it's his duty and I feel in love with that but what about his duty to his family or me for that matter? Oh wait he has no duty to me because he is technically a single marine. I don't feel bad that he isn't married to me. It doesn't matter as long as he is coming back into my arms and nobody else. Honest to God I think it would be harder for me to marry him as he is running off to Iraq. Iraq scares me no matter how safe it is it. I've been told it's more dangerous to walk around in my neighborhood then in Al Asad. My biggest fear is him not coming home. I know it is so unlikely that he won't return but it is a fear that won't leave my mindset for a while. Fear is only a line away from other emotions. The only reason I fear is because I love him. Fear is irrational which goes hand in hand with love. You can't love without fear and you can't fear without love. I know he cares and that is why he can't always be honest about everything in Iraq. It's just so he can protect me. I respect him for trying to protect me from what he has seen and what he will see when he goes back. He has told me stories about how hard it was for him to adjust to life as a civilian when he got back. I mean I know how hard it is dealing with jet lag when i get back from Europe. It sucks, but imagine 7 months in a war zone with people not being abel to visit at all.


are probably the nicest part about staying in the states and being not that far away from Drexel. All my friends and family can visit me and make sure I'm okay. Zappa can't, I can't even call the boy when he's over there. I think that's going to hurt the most. I love being able to hug him and his kiss his back, his shoulders, his chest, while I tell him I love him. I love being able to wake up next to him feeling his warm body against mine, or the way he holds me as he falls asleep. Falling asleep next to someone is the next most intimate thing I think two people can do. Letting someone be in bed with you as your as vulnerable as you can be is something so special. People wake up looking awful, breathing reeking. One is so vulnerable when their sleeping. A person could take advantage of that vulnerability and use it against you. It takes a lot of trust to really let someone lie next to you. Photobucket *remember I myself am a Marine Girlfriend, I respect all Marines, Army and Navy. I respect that all these young men and women are fighting in countries so I can live safely. I do not wish to offend anyone!*

Monday, May 4, 2009

Marine VS. Army

What is the big deal?

My boyfriend is a marine and my best friend is in the army! Of course the one weekend I can see my army guy before he leaves for Afghanistan is the final weekend my boyfriend goes to drill before his deployment. i.e. my boyfriends going to be a pissy mess! My army friend isn't exactly the brightest bulb in the pack. He is rude and arrogant and I really can't put up with him, which is saddening because we've been friends for the last year. He doesn't understand that people aren't like him and that the way he acts isn't okay. He acts like an asshole to get girls and in New York, it works in Philadelphia yeah fucking right. I've taken him out to meet friends while he was here, but all he did was be completely disrespectful and got on me and everyone I know nerves. I respect my friend for joining the army and protecting the country and all that good stuff, but when it comes down to who I respect more, I respect my marine so much more. My army friend thinks he's better then my marine because he has had more training in infantry and crap of that nature. Yes my boyfriend is in communications but I like it better that way. I don't want him running off and shooting people. I guess the whole macho thing comes into play here. Army boy is off shooting people and comes off as an asshole; Marine boyfriend is doing a job to help people in communications. Its a mer choosing of who you want in bed with you at night. I once heard someone say that a woman wants to go out with the bad boy and have fun but takes the good guy to her bed. The army boy is the bad boy and my marine is the good boy in essence. I know its never that black and white but in the current situation it seems that way. I see how my army friends reacts and I don't think he's the right type of person to be involved in something so serious. He just seems to want to come off as a hero, but it really won't work. Look at what the Marines do when compared to the Army:


  • highly mobile amphibious attack force
  • trained to attack from the water and establish a beach head, an area of control on foreign soil.
  • Marines are mobile, lightweight, and very rapid.


  • Ground-based military force.
  • US Army captures and holds territory with the use of infantry, aircraft, and an extensive support staff.
  • The US Army is in the thick of battle.
Just when looking at what each branch does you can't compare the two. I understand from the point of being a marine and being compared to someone in the army and or navy or coast guards, one would get offended. Marines do have the most vigorous and painful boot camp training of all the branches. I am not saying that the army boot camp isn't hard; it's just less "work". Photobucket Sempre Fi! *remember I myself am a Marine Girlfriend, I respect all Marines, Army and Navy. I respect that all these young men and women are fighting in countries so I can live safely. I do not wish to offend anyone!*


I noticed earlier on this week that many of the people who have stumbled across my blog are looking for Marine Girlfriend Quotes. I thought I would please some of them and add a new quotes I've seen running around online that I thought would be useful. If anyone has anymore please do leave a comment with them!
  • I'd rather be kissing than missing my marine
  • This bed is lonely without you here, missing my marine.
  • Half of my heart is in _____
  • The marines my have my husband, but I have his heart.
  • It may say US Marines over his heart, but it belongs to me.
  • No matter how many pillows I pile the bed with, it's so empty without him. Missing my deployed Marine.
  • A Marine's girl fights her hardest battle when she kisses her marine goodbye.
  • Missing you gets easier everyday, because it brings me one day closer to being with you again.
  • I'm the girl who worries everyday your away. I'm the girl who will stand by you through everything. The girl who is proud to say you are mine. The girl who loves you with my whole heart. I miss and love my marine. Come home soon.
  • I sleep alone so you don't have to. Proud Marine Girl missing my marine.
  • Just because he's deployed doesn't mean I'm single.
  • True love knows no distance. Loving & Missing my marine.
  • I may wear the glass slippers.. but my hero wears combat boots.
  • I'm the girl who waits months for a single kiss a kiss that makes the months apart worth every second ♥
  • God made some of the strongest women, and made their match with a Marine!
  • Forget shinning armor, I'm loving my hero in his dirty cammie's.
  • Roses are red, cammies are Green, I'm in love with a US Marine
  • Distance makes the weak weaker, and makes the strong stronger
  • "Be very careful if you make a woman cry, because God counts her tears. The woman came out of a man's rib: not from his feet to be walked on, not from his head to be superior, but from the side to be equal; under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved
  • Friday, May 1, 2009

    Marine Vs. Papa Roach

    Last night was one of the funniest nights I've spent with my marine. We had gone to sleep around 11 because he has a drill weekend he had to be up at 8:30 for a midterm exam. I got up around 12:30 to use the restroom and my roommate runs into the bathroom screaming theres a COCKROACH in our room. I turned to her half asleep and asked why she didn't wake up my boyfriend and have him deal with it. She keeps going on about how it was crawling on our tv's. I explained to her there was nothing to be afraid of. I should be more afraid considering I'm very allergic to cockroaches. I went back to my room and went to sleep... I woke up a few minutes after she left and saw a HUGE cockroach on the wall next to the tv. I tell my marine "baby get up a cockroach is on the wall... you have to get it out of the room. I'm allergic!" He wakes up goes relax you'll sleep with a marine in your bed but not a bug? I yell at him to kill it. He grabs his steel toed timbs and hits the roach. It was still alive and I told my boyfriend to kill it! I started to practically cry because I don't want to be living with a roach in my dorm room. He says get your stuff we're going to my room.. Beth can deal with the roach. He goes to get my epi-pen and my allergy pills and puts in his contacts. As he's getting my phone and a few other things he sees the roach and screams HOLY SHIT THATS A HUGE FUCKING BUG! I told him to kill it lets go to his place. He's helping me get into my clothes as he sees the roach scramble out of the room. My marine, whose been through boot camp, who rides a motorcycle and was in Iraq last year, the man who thinks he's tough s**t screams, throws his timbs and runs in the opposite direction of the bug. I stand there laughing my a$$ off, I couldn't help it. The man who goes on about how tough he is, just ran away from a cockroach. Well he ended up coming back and finding it against the wall opposite to my door. He yells "die bitch!" and killed the cockroach. I have never seen him scream or freak out, but it was well worth it to see a marine scream and run away from a bug. After his war with the roach, we got back into bed and he started to make movements like he was a dead cockroach. It was quite amusing to see how quickly he switched from heavy duty marine to scaredy cat! I thought it was nice to see how civilian he really is sometimes... Especially considering after all of this crazy stuff I asked him if it would be possible for me to see him off when he leaves for Iraq in Sept and if I would be able to pick him up when he comes back in march/april. It made me happy to have him say I want you here when I come home! Photobucket *remember I myself am a Marine Girlfriend, I respect all Marines, Army and Navy. I respect that all these young men and women are fighting in countries so I can live safely. I do not wish to offend anyone!*