Monday, August 10, 2009

I know this is a different type of entry but it's been coming up in my life so much I felt that it was an important topic for me to journal about I guess. If you've read my pervious entry where I talk about my marine's family I explained that everyone in the family is adopted. Well here’s a shocker for ya but I am too. I found out at the age of 4 that I was adopted and have been excited to meet my birth parents ever since.

The real reason as to why I am letting everyone in on my dirty little secret is that I met my family last week. I feel that after a week I have a little more thoughts on my mind then when it happened. But to start from the beginning I found them in April after Spring Break. I talked to my boyfriend’s family over Spring Break about how all 4 of their kids found their birth parents and how the relationships worked out. Well it inspired me to go and find them. I have been talking to them for about 4 months. They are amazing people. I found out that my parents are still together and they have another child, so I have a biological little brother who’s about 6 years younger then me. I am so excited to meet them but as my birth mother says there is no right way to approach the situation.

Even though I have known my parents and my sister my whole life, it isn't the same relationship I have with my birth parents even though I have only spoke to them for a short amount of time. I love them with a passion that I've never cared for someone other then family. I can’t even explain it. I guess it really is because I’ve known about them since I was a little child but my adopted sister and my boyfriend share the same view of who gives a damn they gave me up and I don’t know them their not family.

Last weekend was amazing though, it was the 1st of August that I was able to meet them. After 4 months of waiting and waiting I was finally able to say I know my birth parents and my little brother. I think the part that hits so close to home is my little brother. Growing up with my little sister whose only 2 years younger then me is rough. We recycle friends, boys, schools, homework, and grounding, everything; so it’s so strange to meet someone who’s me in a younger version who acts exactly like I do. I guess talking to him really warped my mind. He’s so much like me that even has a lisp. Now that’s something my parents claim my adopted father gave me because he has one. He also loves violent video games like Halo and Unreal Tournament at 12. I guess even now I don’t have much to say, I’m still semi speechless about it but I thought I would update everyone as to why I haven’t been talking much.

Below is the new happy family! Hope all the marines are doing well! SEMPRE FI!Me and my Birth parents

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