Monday, July 13, 2009

Ignorant People

Well all you marine girlfriends, wives and fiancées even close friends of marines have probably dealt with Ignorant people who honestly need to kicked in the face. I'm not one for violence but when someone is going off at the mouth about something that they have little information about of course I will call them out. They deserve to know that what their saying is total "bullocks" as my english friend said to me yesterday.

Today was one of the first days in a while that I didn't feel left behind or abandoned or really sad. I woke up with a smile on my face, probably because I reliving the time I spent with him last weekend. I was happy because I went out with people who finally respect my relationship for what it is and not what they believe. I went on facebook and saw a crude comment or at least an opinion that I found to be cruel and sorta ignorant.

The status reads as follows so, we pull out of Iraq, invade Afghanistan and then "Iranians" bomb Iraq and kill 40, hmmm, kinda think we should've stayed until we fixed it, we kinda leveled the place then left it in shambles." Now I have major concerns about this opinion and I voiced it. One we haven't pulled out of Iraq, if we did my boyfriend wouldn't be going over to Iraq in September. Two the bombing that killed 40 people was a double suicide bombing that wounded almost 65 people and killed about 35. The last part of his comment I just find to be ignorant and unsupportive. I agree with the facts that we did "level the place" but it isn't as though he have "left it in shambles". The Iraqi people are happy and scared that the U.S. military personal are no longer in the cities.

The part that annoyed me most about this person is that he got in my face when I explained that we haven't left Iraq and started to give me an attitude when I explained that my boyfriend wouldn't be going over if we had left. The worst part about this entire situation is that people don't even respect the fact that many of our lovers, friends, family members are being involved in a war in which so many people support our troops with words but when it comes down to actually supporting someone who is involved with a someone over there, they apologize and say how hard it is or some go why are you putting yourself through this. I must admit that sometimes it's nice to hear someone care but when they can't relate and you need help it just seems so rude to hear.

I realize I also have to be the big girl and not give heat to the fire per say but its awful when nobody supports what your doing and everybody is always questioning something that you believe in with your whole heart. I know from USMC gals that many of the DI's (drill instructors) in bootcamp try to break the recruits down by telling them that their girlfriends or someone special is disrespecting them. This to my knowledge makes the recruits more timid and fearful of what could happen. The same thing happens to the loved ones, when their being told how bad it is for them and stories about what could happen they begin to lose trust in their loved ones.

I feel its a no win situation, and sadly I think that these people who are so ignorant of what is really going on need a reality check!


*remember I myself am a Marine Girlfriend, I respect all Marines, Army and Navy. I respect that all these young men and women are fighting in countries so I can live safely. I do not wish to offend anyone!*

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