Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Do...?

Welcome to the Family, Now your One of Us!

The biggest step in two peoples lives is to say the first and hopefully last I do. This past weekend I spent time with my marines family because I couldn't go home to my own. I found it so comforting to be around his family that seems to be close to perfect while mine is falling apart. It was also a treat to bond with his twin. I've always felt that if he and I did get serious, I would have to become close with her just because they are the only two people in the family who are blood related. (the entire family is adopted). That is probably why I feel so comfortable around his family. From the first second I met his parents I wanted to become part of his family. Well this weekend I semi got my wish. My marine's twin asked me what I was going to do considering her brother is leaving for Iraq in the fall. I was honest and explained that I was going to wait it out. She then says with a huge smile on her face that I am part of the family the newest Z***a. I stood here amazed because I thought she hated my guts. The other interesting part about his twin is she's been engaged TWICE! She's only 21 and has been engaged to two different men and at this point in time is single. So after this comment she goes on to ask whether or not he's proposed. I look at her with a confused smile. Of course I would love my marine to propose and say he wants to be with me forever, but it seems that it may not happen just because of who he is. He's not one to settle down, sadly. I feel that when he gets back from Iraq, he might have a different view of things being 22 at that point and all, but then again maybe not at all.... He might want to go back.... which is what would scare me even more... Photobucket SEMPRE FI *remember I myself am a Marine Girlfriend, I respect all Marines, Army and Navy. I respect that all these young men and women are fighting in countries so I can live safely. I do not wish to offend anyone!*

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